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tekom Europe: offering advice every step of the way

We are expert advisors in technical communication. From training and further education to terminology, right through to job hunting or certification.


Our webinars help members and prospective members develop their careers. tekom webinars are designed to deliver content of the same quality as our on-site events to technical communication professionals around the world, with the convenience of a webinar format. The webinars can be accessed conveniently at any time from work or from home – thanks to our exclusive library for members. At live webinars, participants can also ask the speaker questions.

Terminology Database

The tekom terminology database offers sound assistance in choosing technical terms. When should which term be used? The database is managed by volunteers and continuously expanded.

Qualification Consultation

Qualification consultation provides comprehensive information on the vocational requirements for knowledge, skills and overarching competences. It offers a quick way to determine the individual level of knowledge, and thus the need for training, and to carry out a "gap analysis" ("What do I know, what do I not know?"). For tekom members, the qualification consultation is free of charge.

Professional Articles

The tcworld e-magazine provides valuable information for anyone facing the challenges of communicating with customers, partners and associates in an increasing number of international markets.

On technischekommunikation.info, the WebPortal of the professional journal 'technische kommunikation', you will find many specialist articles from current and past issues. The qualified research platform on technical communication topics is being continuously expanded. Please note, that articles are in German only.

Service Vendor Database

The tekom service provider database contains over 300 service providers for all aspects of technical communication: CCMS, editorial systems, terminology, software documentation, DITA, translation...

Job Market

We offer a specialist job market for technical communication: Find your dream job. If you are a company member, post a job ad and find your future employee!

COMING SOON: Expert Advice

Experts answer technical questions from tekom members in the following areas:

  • Terminology
  • Legal Service
  • Costs and Calculation
  • Standards and Directives
  • Text Intelligibility


Cooperation with other associations

tekom Europe officially cooperates with the Swedish association Boti, the Swedish Industry Organization for Technical Information. Boti also offers webinars and conferences, find more information here.