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Nordic TechKomm 2024

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TechKomm Copenhagen is the Conference on User Experience and Technical Communication. Look forward to a lot of new knowledge, interesting discussions and a good mood. Check out the program.

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Career Paths

In technical communication, many career paths can be encountered. Study or further training are the traditional routes into technical writing. But the profession is also perfect for career changers.

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Recap Initiative Committee Meetings 2024

This year, the initiative committee members of the different country organizations have been holding regular IC meetings so that delegates and members of the initiative committee can exchange ideas and discuss the different issues that come up in the country organizations. In January, we discussed the annual plans of the country organizations. Various online and offline events were planned.

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iiRDS Request API released for comments

The iiRDS API specification enables access to data via iiRDS, thus meeting the growing requirements of the economy. It offers system providers and programmers a standardized interface, ensuring modern functionality to support seamless integration.

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The European Machinery Regulation with new requirements for digital instructions for use

With the publication of the Machinery Regulation 2023/1230 in the Official Journal of the European Union on

June 29, 2023, the cat is finally out of the bag: From 2027 onward, instructions for use may also be published in digital

form within a defined framework. The continuous lobbying of tekom and industry representatives was successful.1


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Country Organizations

tekom on site: networks, exchanging and providing information and more. Get to know our country organizations.

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University Network in TC

Join the  International University Network in Technical Communication (IUNTC) now: The network will facilitate online meetings, mentoring partnerships, and research projects and dissemination of university teachers and staff throughout Europe. Learn more and read the summaries of the previos online meetings. 

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Webinars support our members and interested persons in their professional development. They deliver the same high-quality content as our on-site events, with the convenience of being easily accessible online to technical writers across the globe. Speakers are subject matter experts, and the level ranges from beginner to expert.


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Intelligent Information Blog

Facts, ideas and opinions about intelligent information, industry 4.0, digitisation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other exciting future topics.

Technical Communication - The Subject

From its definition and traditional topics such as terminology and standards right through to pioneering intelligent information and Industry 4.0 – dive into the exciting field of technical communication.

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Technical Writing - The Profession

What skills do you need as a technical writer? We will provide you with clear information on every aspect of the diverse professional field of technical communication.

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tekom - The Association

We are the world’s largest professional association for technical communication, with approximately 9,500 members, many committed volunteers, competent contacts, and big goals. Get to know the faces, motives, and structures of tekom.

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