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Technical writers are specially trained and qualified specialists who create all kinds of information about many different technical products, such as operating instructions, online help, assembly and service manuals. They work in all different kinds of settings – as staff employed in SMEs or large corporations, or for service providers specializing in technical documentation. They create information products for different sectors: machinery, medical devices or software, to name just a few. While the setting and working environment may vary, all technical writers also share some common tasks and competences. For comprehensive information on the profession, please click here.

The video shows a typical working day in the life of a technical writer at a large software company. While some aspects may be viewed as specific to the software industry and to large companies, most of the tasks and insights shown apply to technical writers across all sectors and company sizes.

Production in cooperation with SAP Deutschland SE & CO. KG and tekom Europe e.V. | Video by RomanHermann.de