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Whether you are an employee, manager or trainer, the cross-sector tekom Competence Framework provides excellent guidance for all.

Professional Competences in Technical Communication

Creating technical communication requires the performance of different tasks throughout the process. Technical writers and everyone involved in the process require a variety of skills to complete them.

Achieving Success through Knowledge

The tekom competence framework provides a comprehensive as well as practical and action-oriented definition of all capabilities and knowledge required to perform the activities to be implemented during the seven phases of the creation process. Thus, the competence framework defines the field of technical communication, occupational profile and potential job descriptions, and options for specialization.



It gives a foundational and clear orientation regarding tasks and competences for those active in technical communication, those interested in the profession or starting a career in technical communication, and for decision-makers in businesses of all kinds regarding career paths, training, job postings, personnel selection, training programs, curricula, examinations, assessments etc.

The tekom competence framework provides a clear and generally comprehensible outline of the competence and qualification requirements in technical communication.

It is suitable for:

Persons Active in Technical Communication and Persons Interested in the Profession

  • As an orientation to job and workplace requirements
  • To define occupational profiles
  • To locate and define individual training content and goals
  • To develop individual need-oriented training concepts

Managers and Human Resource Departments in Businesses

  • To develop specialized job descriptions and roles
  • For targeted recruitment campaigns and formulating job postings
  • For personnel development and targeted competence development for employees

Educational Institutions and Training Providers, Including Higher Education

  • To develop new educational opportunities and curricula

The tekom competence framework is at the center of tekom's education and training system for technical writers.

It is the basis of:

The tekom Qualification Consultation

  • For gap analysis and identification of individual training needs

Accreditation of Training Providers

  • To define the training content, learning perspectives and learning objectives of training opportunities

Qualification of Training Participants

  • To define learning content and learning objectives

The tekom Certification Examination

  • As a basis for developing examination questions and for certification