tekom - Europe

What contributions, topics and formats are we looking for? 

Getting started

When we launch the Call for Papers, you will find a detailed list of all topics on our WebPortal with detailed sub-topics. We search specifically for these lectures and presentations – but this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to present us with an innovative, unusual, completely different idea. We are looking forward to your input!

Especially interesting for us:

  • English-language contributions
  • Expert contributions, but also basic contributions
  • Everything relevant to practitioners
  • New ideas, themes, trends (courage to innovate!) 
  • Best Practices
  • Conveys information
  • Lecture with subsequent discussion
  • No product presentation, no advertising
  • Conveys information
  • Presentation of a case study (manufacturer and service provider): Starting point is the situation at the manufacturer's site
  • No product presentation, no advertising
  • For learning purposes
  • Practical demonstration of an application or method
  • No product presentation, no advertising
  • For learning purposes
  • Interactive group work with participants, strong practical relevance
  • No product presentation, no advertising
  • Conveys controversial or supplemental information from different angles
  • Moderated discussion between speakers and audience on various aspects of the topic
  • No product presentation, no advertising
  • For exchange and networking between participants in small groups
  • Moderated discussion between participants
  • No product presentation, no advertising

The right target group

At our conferences, we would like to offer something to all visitors, from newcomers to old hands. That is why we are looking for different presentations for a diversified target group: 

For beginners without previous knowledge: Basics, introductions, overviews

For advanced levels with previous knowledge: Advanced basics 

For experts with in-depth knowledge: Clear focus, details, information on: cost/benefit, advantages and disadvantages, challenges and solutions

If you have a completely new, innovative idea, do not hesitate to present it to us! Be courageous and help us make our conferences even more modern, attractive and varied!

Wanted - we are looking for

  • Experienced and well-known speakers 
  • New speakers 
  • Newbies 
  • Students and young professionals 
  • Industry representatives 

Does this sound like it’s for you? Then join the tekom team and become a speaker with us! 

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