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Systematic further education

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The tekom Certification System

To approach training in a targeted way concluding in certification, the following questions must be resolved:

  1. What must I receive training in?
  2. Where can I get the training?
  3. How do I verify my qualification?

Reach your professional goals systematically

The tekom certification system has a fitting approach to solving these questions for different individual requirements.

It is based on the following three pillars:

  1. tekom qualification consultation
  2. tekom-accredited training
  3. tekom certification

With the tekom certification system, tekom provides all-around service to those interested in training: from consultation and decision-making to training and up to the final certification examination. For every aspect, tekom has its own service, thus making need-based training strategy and certification possible.

Help with making decisions and planning training.

  • Lateral entrants without professional experience can participate in qualification consultation on a voluntary basis, to obtain information in an intensive interview with an expert about the requirements for knowledge and skills of the profession.
  • Technical writers with professional experience must, depending on individual prerequisites for approval for tekom certification, participate in a qualification consultation. Here, qualified tekom counselors determine the individual qualification level and personal need for training.

and preparation targeted towards the certification examination.

  • Lateral entrants without professional experience must complete their training in technical communication at one of the training providers accredited by tekom in order to be approved for the tekom certification examination as technical writer.
  • Technical writers with professional experience who have participated in a qualification consultation can decide for themselves how to cover the individual training needs identified through the qualification consultation (see "Lifelong Learning"). Alternatively, they can participate in a job-related training program accredited by tekom.

for the objective and formal qualification verification.

The tekom competence framework for technical communication is the substantive basis for tekom certification. Depending on individual requirements, personal preferences and type of training, certification as a technical writer takes place on the

  • Professional Level or
  • Expert Level

Examination requirements and processes are described in the tekom certification guidelines.

Bases of the tekom certification system

All three pillars of the tekom certification system have two bases:

The tekom competence framework defines the knowledge and skills required for a specific certification level and competence profile. For the tekom certification system, the tekom competence framework with a teaching and examination-oriented perspective is shown. The three pillars of the tekom certification system, i.e.:

  1. The qualification consultation
  2. Training by tekom-accredited training providers
  3. The certification examination

are based on the tekom competence framework.

On this basis:

  • Participants discuss their need for knowledge in the qualification consultation
  • Training providers receive information on the modules, the mandatory and elective areas and the learning contents and teaching perspectives on the material to be conveyed – they serve as a basis for curricula
  • Learning objectives for the training participants are defined
  • The technical examination questions for the certification examination are developed

The examination process and the organization of certification and quality assurance are designed according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024, the international standard for personal certifications.

This guarantees the greatest possible quality in certification and a high level of qualification of the certified technical writers and their competence verifications. tekom certification is carried out by the tekom personal certification center.