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22. June 2020 | tekom Bulgaria

Roadshow @ School Pioneer Edition

After we hosted the Roadshow event at some of the best universities in the biggest Bulgarian cities during the past three years and met some of the brightest young people in the country, we decided to expand the Roadshow event and to turn our glance at the promising high schools students too.

In mid June this year we started the Roadshow @ School project and had our first meeting with the eleventh graders of the French High School in Sofia. Ekaterina Mitova, a tekom Bulgaria IC member, presented the profession of the Technical Writer and the professional tech comm associations of tekom Europe and tekom Bulgaria together with the existing certification opportunities. Definitely good news is that some of the students have already heard and looked into related specialities at European universities such as Communication Sciences.

We as tekom Bulgaria are highly motivated by the feedback from our first Roadshow @ School event and are planning more meetings with high school students in 2020 both in Sofia and in other Bulgarian cities.

(Photo credit: Unsplash)

Date of the event
22.06.2020 | 12:00
Event location
French High School in Sofia
Ekaterina Mitova, tekom Bulgaria IC Member