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New junior community manager Katharina Willer

Hi, I’m Katharina, the new Junior Community Manager at tekom Europe. I started my job in January 2022, shortly after my colleague Ina, with whom I work together at tekom Europe. As there were some changes at tekom Europe, it was an opportunity for us to restructure the community management, work out plans and set new goals. We also want to strengthen our cooperation with the country organizations. I learn more every day and look forward to the tasks and challenges that come my way.

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Initiative Committee Meeting - marketing for tekom Europe

In February, our meeting focused on marketing. We were happy to greet two visitors in the IC meeting: Claudius Mehne and Kiriaki Kampouridou (tekom Europe e.V.: Contact Persons at the Head Office (technical-communication.org) from the tekom head office joined us.

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The First Initiative Committee Meeting of 2022

In the first monthly Initiative Committee Meeting in 2022, the new junior community manager Katharina Willer was introduced. Together with Ina Kukuk, she works in Community Management at tekom Europe. Both are looking forward to good and successful cooperation.

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Country Organizations review challenges of 2021

In the monthly Initiative Committee Meeting on December 15, 2021, some of the representatives of the tekom Europe country organizations reflected on and shared their actions and challenges in the time of the Corona pandemic.

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Results of the elections in tekom Netherlands and tekom Danmark

As announced in the news article in September, elections took place in tekom Netherlands and tekom Danmark. These are the results.

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tcworld conference 2021: a review

The digital tcworld conference 2021, November 8–19, brought together more than 2,600 attendees, speakers, students and exhibitors in technical communication from around the world. In parallel, tekom Studio in Stuttgart offered a "real-life" complement to the virtual format.

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Elections in tekom Danmark and tekom Netherlands

As a result of the call for candidates in tekom Netherlands, two candidates are now running for the position of delegate in the tekom Europe assembly of delegates, the highest decision-making body of tekom Europe.

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2021: tcworld conference – The Online Event in TC

Due to the current situation and the great success of the first online autumn conference last year, this year's tcworld conference will also be held digitally – for two weeks!

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UX design and UX writing at the seventh European Academic Colloquium

The 7th European Academic Colloquium (EAC) took place on Friday, June 11, 2021. It was held online for the first time – much to the delight of over 100 international delegates from universities and industry, from more than 20 countries worldwide.

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tekom Netherlands has been established as a new tekom Europe country organization

tekom Europe is growing! We are pleased to welcome tekom Netherlands to tekom Europe. The tekom Europe executive board made the decision to establish the new country organization tekom Netherlands on May 26, 2021.

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