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tekom Europe elections 2022 Results

Election Results 2022
In November and December, the European members elected their delegates for the country organizations. Delegates represent the interests of their country organizations in the assembly of delegates, the highest decision-making body of tekom Europe. The next assembly of delegates takes place in March 2023 as an online event.

tekom Europe has 13 country organizations all together. In total, we received 26 candidate applications for 11 country organizations and for the position of one common delegate for all members in countries where no country organization has been founded yet. Unfortunately, we did not receive candidate applications for delegates from tekom Poland and tekom France.

In three country organizations, tekom Österreich, tekom Danmark, and tekom Sweden, executive board members were elected for the following positions: president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. The other country organizations are still run by initiative committees that are not directly elected by the members. Here, the members vote for the position of delegate/substitute delegate. Both the executive boards and the initiative committees serve as the contact persons and the core of the association on a national level. They organize activities such as events and webinars for their members, engage in marketing activities, and promote the profession.

Find more details about the elected candidates and the turnout rates here.

The term of office is 3 years, starting January 2023. We would like to thank all delegates and members of the initiative committees for their dedication to technical communication and their volunteer work within tekom Europe.

Congratulations to all (newly) elected delegates and substitute delegates!