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Call for Experts for the Advisory Board for Regulations and Standards

Can you imagine volunteering as an expert for the Advisory Board for Regulations and Standards? This is a very important part of tekom Europe. In the next few years, several regulations and standards are expected to be published, pending or in the process of being drafted or revised. The sector of technical communication will be affected and those working in this environment will be concerned with the implementation of regulations and standards. As an association for technical communication, tekom is active and advocates for the interests of its members. The Advisory Board for Regulations and Standards was set up specifically to monitor and accompy relevant regulations and standards. The task of the Advisory Board is to represent the interests of technical communicators from different countries and to give technical communication a united strong voice.

How to apply?

Please send an email to advisoryboard.ras@tekom.eu including your name, and contact details, a short CV, the organization you represent. Indicate in the email subject “call for experts”.    

It is up to the Executive Board to compose a well-balanced Advisory Board for Regulations and Standards and to appoint experts as members for the Board.

“Deadline” for submitting is Monday, January 16th, 2023 
Contact person for questions: Dr. Tiziana Sicilia tiziana.siciliadontospamme@gowaway.comtec-italia.org

These are the details

The functions of the Advisory Board are the monitoring of standards in the field of technical communication and related areas on a national and international level.

Furthermore, they include tasks such as dealing with European legislation, especially product safety legislation, monitoring relevant trends, establishing contacts with market surveillance authorities, government and government representatives and with other national and international authorities and organizations. They participate in standardization work and official EU consultations.

The Advisory Board represents other relevant areas of technical writing such as terminology, translation and localization, artificial intelligence, cyber security and communications. It engages with bodies such as lobbying organizations (e.g. other professional associations), market regulators and other government agencies.

Knowledge of the telecommunications market, experience working in international teams, and if possible, knowledge of standards, CE marking or legislation is desirable. You should be a dedicated personality and have a strong interest in industries such as machinery and equipment, building products, software or medical devices.

Each country organization is invited to recommend experts for the advisory board.

Footnote: The working language is English, the meetings are mostly web meetings, called ar exclusively tekom Europe members