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23. November 2023 | tekom Romania

Content at the cross-roads of soft skills, tech skills, and AI

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We are looking forward to meeting you in Cluj, venue: The Office (room C)

You can look forward to interesting presentations around the profession of technical writing. There will also be plenty of time for networking over food and drinks. The event is free of charge! We are looking forward to meeting you there!



Voichiţa Alexandra Ghenghea, tekom Romania delegate, “Politehnica” University  of Bucharest


Uncertainty, Ambiguity, and AI


Melania Duma (Senior Technical Writer @RWS) & Sonia Pavlenko (Technical Writer @Ascom)

Technical Writers have a mandate to clarify information, and curate knowledge. But what happens if documentation contains ambiguous or vague turns of phrases? A human SME could spot them, but can AI rise to the occasion?


Practical LLM - The Basics


Dan Magheruşanu (Data Engineer @ Globant) 

LLMs and AI have showed us that machines can not only parse and poll on large amounts of data, but also produce text, code, applications in a seemingly human-like fashion. But how are LLMs created in the first place? How do they work? How can we best use LLMs?


Artificial intelligence Adoption in Software Development and its Impact on Software Documentation


Monica Chiş (Freelancer IT Software Consultant & Trainer)

A large amount of documentation is generated for different reasons during the software development process. Adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in software development can significantly enhance the process of software documentation in several ways. Let's discuss how AI adoption in software development will affect software documentation.




Workshop:  The Perfect Documentation doesn't exi...


Radu Bazavan (Senior Technical Writer @Connatix)

“Hands-on, interactive workshop on the best way to describe procedures. Sharpen your utensils and prepare your cheat sheets, we're about to get some chalk dust on our precious little hands!”

20.00 - 20.30

Discussion, Networking & Closing


Event information

Date of the event
23.11.2023 | 17:00 - 20:00
Event location
The Office
Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989, Cluj-Napoca 400394

The room is located in Building C, on the ground floor, right next to the Reception, and the name of the room is "Room C".
Voichita Ghenghe Melania Duma Sonia Pavlenko Monika Chis Radu Bazavan Dan Magheruşanu
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Voichita Ghenghea
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