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Terms and Conditions for Country Organization Events and Information on Data Protection

By participating in a country organization (CO) event, you consent to the following Terms and Conditions of Participation.

1. Participation in Events

tekom CO events are organized by tekom members for tekom members and interested persons, and are usually free of charge.

CO events are financed mainly with association funds. Please understand that certain events are only open to members or that members may have first priority in registering for events.

2. Registration for Events/Participant Lists

Please register for all events via the tekom Web Portal in ‘my tekom’. If you unexpectedly cannot attend, please deregister from the event to free up your place.
The initiative committee or executive board members of the CO responsible for the event receive a participant list containing the titles, names and email addresses of all registered persons. The legal basis for this is Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. b) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). If necessary, solely the names of the participants will be forwarded in order to prepare a hospitality receipt. The legal basis for this is GDPR Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. c).

Participant lists will not be published.

Use the opportunity in person to have direct conversations with other participants and exchange business cards.

3. Code of Conduct and tekom Compliance Rules

In the CO events, tekom Europe wishes to promote fair and collegial communication productive for tekom among the participants and is committed to free and undistorted competition. For this reason, tekom Europe categorically rejects all distortion of competition by companies or trade associations. Thus, at tekom Europe CO events, tekom Europe’s Code of Conduct and compliance rules apply.

4. Photographs and Recordings

Participants are not permitted to record sound or video or take photographs.

Please note that tekom Europe, as organizer, takes photographs and makes film recordings of the event for the purpose of documentation or its own publications. Thus, there is a possibility that you will be recognizable in photos and film recordings. The image and film recordings are stored permanently for the documentation of the event. Selected materials are used for reporting and advertising purposes on the website of the CO, in the professional journals ‘tk’ and ‘tcworld magazine’, the association websites, newsletters and social media such as Twitter, XING, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Please consult the photographer or cameraperson immediately if you do not consent to photographs or videos/films of yourself being taken and used.

The legal basis for the processing of images and video recordings is in the legitimate interest of the event organizer as per GDPR Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. f). Please also observe the flyers posted at the event location.

5. Virtual Events/No Recordings

Virtual events are held using GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar. The service provider is LogMeIn. To participate, you must specify your name and email address with LogMeIn. Depending on the event format, it is possible that participants will be able to discuss and participant names will be visible.
LogMeIn’s contact information is as follows:

LogMeIn, 320 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210, USA

LogMeIn guarantees appropriate safeguards according to GDPR Art. 46 (2) lit c) https://www.logmeininc.com/gdpr/gdpr-compliance.

The recording or partial recording of webinars or other virtual events is not permitted. tekom reserves the right to record webinars and to make these available to members.

6. Subsequent Availability of Presentation Slides

Presentation slides are frequently made available on the CO homepages after events. The speakers are not, however, required to do so. Please consult the speaker or the responsible person of your CO.

7. Liability

The liability for damages by tekom Europe e.V. and its CO initiative committees and executive board members, the owners of event rooms, or auxiliary persons or subcontractors is precluded, in particular for damage resulting from accidents, injuries, loss or theft, unless the damage is due to intentional or grossly negligent conduct by tekom Europe e.V. or its CO initiative committees/executive board members.

8. Event Cancellations

It may happen that an event must be canceled or postponed (e.g. in the event of a speaker’s illness), or e.g. a change in event venue becomes necessary. Such changes are normally announced in good time via the website of CO and/or notification of participants. Damage claims in the event of cancellation or change of venue are precluded. This also applies in the case of cancellations at short notice, even if prior notification of the participants is then no longer possible.

As of: August 5, 2020