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The First IC Meeting of 2022, on January 19

Katharina Willer
In the first monthly Initiative Committee Meeting in 2022, the new junior community manager Katharina Willer was introduced. Together with Ina Kukuk, she works in Community Management at tekom Europe. Both are looking forward to good and successful cooperation.

Among other items on the agenda, marketing was an important aspect of this meeting. A short overview of already existing communication tools was given. It is planned to go further into the possibilities of marketing and how tekom Europe can offer support, in the upcoming meetings.

Upcoming events, like the NORDIC TechKomm, which will take place from March 9 – 10 in Stockholm, were also discussed during the meeting. It was noted that the call for papers for Evolution of TC 2022, with the theme of UX Writing, is still open until January 30. There is also a call for workshops for “tekom Frühjahrestagung 2022”, which will take place in Potsdam at the beginning of April.

Another subject on the agenda was statistics: the representatives of the country organizations were interested in getting more statistics on the use of the different tools, in addition to the numbers of memberships, in order to be able to measure the success of the contributions shared on the tools. These numbers could also be helpful in ensuring that the target audience is informed about an event.

Good news: online sign-up for members will soon be possible on the tekom Europe website.
Finally, there was a discussion on how and where the new community management can best support the country organizations. tekom Europe Community Management is working on a plan for further action and optimal cooperation.

The agenda topics for this monthly meeting are usually provided by the participants to ensure that there is time for the main points coming directly from tekom Europe members and representatives. To make sure that your interests are represented, please contact your country organization.