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27. November 2017 | tekom Israel

tekom Israel Discusses Latest Trends and Buzz Words

What are the latest trends and buzz words in technical writing? What are the main topics discussed when you gather thousands of our colleagues in one location?
That was the subject of tekom Israel’s latest event, held recently in Yehud, Israel and attended by approximately 40 tech writers and documentation managers.


First, tekom Israel Spokesperson, Paula Stern, presented some of the main ideas and buzzwords that came out of her attending tcworld 2017 in Stuttgart. User compliance. Information 4.0. Standardization and iiRDS. Minimalism. Chat Bots. As Paula gave brief overviews of some of the sessions she attended, a lively discussion ensued. Attendees offered their opinions, asked questions, and shared their experiences on these and other topics.

Following that presentation, tekom Israel’s Vice Spokesperson, Rochelle Fisher, demonstrated the added value tekom members can get by accessing tekom publications and the monthly magazine. Rochelle showed how easily tekom members can access tekom resources and publications online (and even created a video for the event).

Finally, in a joint presentation, Paula Stern and tekom Israel’s Secretary, Yoni Palmer, reported on tekom Israel’s current status, how the country organization was created in July, 2017 and already has 42 members, discussed budget issues, reported on future events that are in the planning, and spoke about some of the committees being formed. 

Special Thanks

tekom Israel gratefully acknowledges Micro Focus, which generously hosted the event, and its team of writers for attending the event and helping with the logistics.

Date of the event
27.11.2017 | 12:00
Event location
Yehud, Israel | Micro Focus
Paula Stern, Rochelle Fisher & Yoni Palmer