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03. July 2020 | tekom Österreich

Virtual Experts' Breakfast: Online-Collaboration In Technical Writing

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The global pandemic, caused by the Corona virus, has given a real turbo boost to the issue of digitalization and the use of modern technologies.

Due to extensive restrictions, technical writers were also forced to find (new) ways to collaborate. After all, the pandemic did not suddenly eliminate data protection regulations and conjure up IT infrastructures. The big challenge was to quickly find a way suitable for the situation. Especially due to the fact that the work in technical writing departments is based on effective communication with information providers and information sources, many technical writers found themselves faced with unforeseen challenges.

But how did technical writers deal with it, or how can they deal with it?
For some it's business as usual. For others, it's 'Welcome to a new world of collaboration'.

What challenges do technical writers face in the world of online collaboration? How can online collaboration in technical writing work and be optimally set up? Which rules have to be observed? What can we learn from those who are already used to doing much of their collaboration online?

There are many questions for which there probably is no 'model solution', but there are many usable approaches. These questions and challenges will be addressed in the next Experts' Breakfast on the topic: Online-Collaboration in Technical Writing.

Due to the current situation around the corona virus, this Experts' Breakfast will take place online. We're very pleased to hold this event with international experts who will share their experience with us. Therefore, the event will be held primarily in English.

Ellis Pratt
Ellis is Director and Help Strategist at Cherryleaf, a technical writing services and training company based near London, in the United Kingdom. He has over twenty years’ experience working in the field of documentation. He has a BA in Business Studies, and is a Member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators, and an Associate of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Alfonsa Ledesma
Alfonsa is CEO of AC&E Iberia and Manualistics Techmance. She is focused on advising companies in relation to TC and LOTO procedures as much as developing TC/LOTO for EEUU, Canada, Brazil, Russia and other countries. Member of the Advisory Board Legislation and Standards and COM&Tec Italia.

COVID-19: The future of organisations and the future of technical communication
How organisations might change during and after the COVID-19 lockdown.
What that means for technical communication, and how you can come back stronger than ever.
What technical communicators can do to help, and how you can deal with this crisis.
How other technical communicators responded when we asked them for their views.

Modern collaboration in internationally acting companies and departments - challenges, experiences and insights
Collaboration over long distances and under stressful conditions requires clear rules and discipline. Modern communication channels and tools help to get familiar with this 'new' situation. Especially those who used to work next to each other, these tools are a real relief.
So what are the challenges for technical communicators to keep their business running?
Which tools, tactics and protocols support the daily work better? ... also in times after COVID-19

0900 - 0915 Welcome and introduction
0915 - 0945 Presentation of the results of a survey on online collaboration, before, during and after COVID-19
0945 - 1030 Ellis Pratt - COVID-19: The future of organisations and the future of technical communication
1030 - 1130 Alfonsa Ledesma - Modern collaboration in internationally acting companies and departments - challenges, experiences and insights
1130 - 1200 Final discussion

Free of charge for members and interested parties

Members and interested parties of tekom Austria / tekom Europe and their partner organisations

We'd love to hear about your experiences through this anonymous survey so that we can present the findings at the Experts' Breakfast and create a general understanding of the challenges specific to technical writers and online collaboration - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=6A6n26awUES7pYNgLzKPFuHpnUl7YQlKrXAbpWDirVJUME8zMjVGNlUwVTg2R09JNktTNlMwRjRJWS4u 

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03.07.2020 | 09:00 - 12:00
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Alfonsa Matilda Ledesma (CEO of Manualistics and AC&E Iberia, Alicante), Ellis Pratt (Director at Cherryleaf, London)
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