tekom - Europe

Tecom Schweiz is now a corporate member of tekom Europe

We are pleased to announce that, on July 9, the tekom Europe assembly of delegates unanimously voted to accept Tecom Schweiz as a corporate member. tekom and COM&TEC founded tekom Europe in 2013. Tecom Schweiz became associated with tekom Deutschland in 2001, but now was the time for Tecom Schweiz to join the European organization as well.

Tecom Schweiz is now the third corporate member of tekom Europe alongside COM&TEC (Italy) and tekom (Germany). In addition to the three corporate members, tekom Europe brings together 11 country organizations for a total of 14 organizations.

tekom Europe aims to connect technical writers, technical communicators and related professions across national borders to promote technical communication in Europe, both to set European standards for the quality of technical communication and to increase the status of technical communication in business and in public opinion throughout Europe. We are pleased to welcome Tecom Schweiz to tekom Europe and look forward to accomplishing good work with great cooperation in achieving common goals for the growth of technical communication and technical communicators in Europe and beyond.

"Representing Tecom Schweiz I would like to thank the Assembly of Delegates for their open arms and for unanimously voting for our entry into tekom Europe.
With this move, Tecom Schweiz is finally positioning itself at a higher European level. As a corporate member of tekom Europe we will remain an independent association. For the first time, however, we will have a direct voice at the European and international level. Based on the current membership figures, Tecom Schweiz represents its members with two votes in the Assembly of Delegates. We look forward to stronger networks with other tekom member organizations, as well as closer cooperation in the field of professional development and training, in legislation and standards, and regarding other significant interest representations and activities. We hope for great collaborative results."
– Azadeh Eshaghi, President of Tecom Schweiz