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new junior community manager

New junior community manager Katharina Willer

Hi, I’m Katharina, the new Junior Community Manager at tekom Europe. 
I started my job in January 2022, shortly after my colleague Ina, with whom I work together at tekom Europe. As there were some changes at tekom Europe, it was an opportunity for us to restructure the community management, work out plans and set new goals. We also want to strengthen our cooperation with the country organizations. I learn more every day and look forward to the tasks and challenges that come my way. 

The job as Community Manager is my first permanent job after my master’s degree, which was an international program in the field of Socio- and Multilingualism. After many trips and stays abroad in different countries, I am now very happy to work in an international environment. I really like to use and expand my knowledge of foreign languages and different cultures. In the course of my studies, I have learned seven different languages, some of which I use daily; others have unfortunately gotten a bit rusty and need refreshing. In addition to many languages, my travels have taught me above all to be open to new things, to find quick solutions and to see differences as a challenge and not as an obstacle.

Ina and I, as community management, want to be more actively integrated into the ideas and plans of the country organizations and hope for good and successful cooperation. Above all, we want to highlight the advantages offered by tekom Europe and a membership. We divide our tasks according to interest and ability, but we both try to keep each other up to date on the most important points. For example, Ina will be more integrated in the finance and planning aspects, while I will take over the main tasks in marketing and social media. I’ve already received training on the website and newsletter program, and I'm looking forward to contributing to the website and keeping it up to date. Another current topic is the tekom newsletter, which we would like to revive and make more popular. We hope for participation from the country organizations, who we want to encourage to use the newsletter actively, for example to promote events or to communicate changes in their country organization. I am also currently working my way into planning and delivering webinars and look forward to covering many interesting topics.