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Initiative Committee Meetings & Assembly of Delegates 2024

This year, the initiative committee members of the different country organizations have been holding regular IC meetings so that delegates and members of the initiative committee can exchange ideas and discuss the different issues that come up in the country organizations.
In January, we discussed the annual plans of the country organizations. Various online and offline events were planned. One format that tekom Austria has been organizing for years is the "Stammtisch" in various cities. Members meet there and discuss trends and news in technical communication over a delicious meal. This format has now been adopted by other country organizations – there are now regulars' tables organized by tekom Danmark and tekom Netherlands. This is a great idea to bring the community together and to network. 
Membership development is a recurring topic during the IC meetings. In some country organizations, the number of members is increasing, while in others the number is decreasing due to the loss of company memberships. It's great to see how the boards of the various COs support each other and share their experiences and ideas.
The first assembly of delegates took place online in March. The budget for 2024 was approved and the auditors presented the results of the cash audit. Magali Baumgartner, Vice President of tekom Europe, gave a brief report from the executive board. An update on the advisory boards for legislation and standards and for professional development and training was also given. The delegates then gave a brief update from their country organizations.
The on-site assembly of delegates took place on May 10 in Stockholm. On the evening before the AoD, the delegates, EB and guests kicked off the meeting with a typical Swedish dinner. The next day, everyone met at 9:00 AM at the Acolad premises (which they kindly made available to us). This AoD focused on the benefits of tekom Europe membership. Most of the time was devoted to discussions about initiatives, benefits, and developments of the association. It was interesting to see what is defined as a benefit, which initiatives are not yet sufficiently known about, and where the association can still develop further. In the early evening, the participants were then rewarded with a boat trip in beautiful weather, which showed Stockholm from a different perspective.