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Initiative Committee Meeting April 20, 2022 – Time for Discussion and Some Finance Information

Katharina Willer 

During our Initiative Committee meeting in April, we talked about social media platforms used by the country organizations. The new created LinkedIn pages are an effective addition to the LinkedIn groups, as they can be used for a more professional online performance. tekom Danmark, for example, started a series of posts called “Meet the board” in which they introduce their board members. 

Another subject on the agenda was the last part of the benefit presentation covering the topic of finances. The presentation summarized the key points related to the country organizations’ budget. We hope that this series of presentations outlined the most important points of a tekom membership and provided the delegates with information that helps them to run their country organizations successfully. 

Towards the end of our meeting, there was a lively discussion on various topics. The delegates shared ideas about different events, planned activities, and new concepts. It was nice to hear this exchange of interesting ideas and get new momentum.  

The agenda topics for this monthly meeting are usually provided by the participants to ensure that there is time for the main points coming directly from tekom Europe members and representatives. To make sure that your interests are represented, please contact your country organization.