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tekom Europe Information-Gathering Meeting Review

tekom Europe Information-Gathering Meeting on the possible Revision of IEC/IEEE 82079-1:2019 Ed.2 – a successful start tekom Europe conducted an interesting Information-Gathering Meeting, hosted by COM&TEC, about the possible Revision of IEC/IEEE 82079-1:2019, the most important standard for Technical Communicators.

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Initiative Committee Meeting in August - Back from Summer Break

After a short summer break, we met again for our initiative committee meeting in August. First, we had some open issues from our last meetings, and we talked about the LinkedIn pages and the upcoming elections. The upcoming tcworld conference was also a topic.

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Initiative Committee Meeting in June

In our June initiative committee meeting we welcomed a new, though for some already familiar, guest: Susanne Lohmüller. She worked at tekom previously, some years ago, and was present at the first foundations of the country organizations. Other topics on the agenda were the upcoming tcworld conference in November, and a brainstorming session concerning the tekom Europe newsletter, the use of the tekom Europe website and the portal ’my tekom’.

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Assembly of Delegates in Venice

The 21st tekom Europe assembly of delegates took place as a hybrid event on June 14 in Venice. The 18 participants who attended on site met on the premises of the University of Venice; seven delegates participated online via zoom. Among the on-site participants were delegates and board members from Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Italy.

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How do YOU search for existing knowledge? IUNTC Meeting Explores Search Strategies in Technical Communication

Dr Kim Sydow Campbell led the most recent meeting of the International University Network in Technical Communication (IUNTC) on June 14th, 2022. In this meeting, Kim explored this question: “How do YOU search for existing knowledge?” This is an important question for researchers, who need to be sure they have access to the breadth of published research about a topic.

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Cross-Border Event, June 7, tekom Belgium & tekom Netherlands

tekom Belgium and tekom Netherlands are jointly organizing a cross-border event that will take place in Eindhoven on June 7. Expert presentations by Henk Boxma, Susanna Akdut and Isabelle Fleury are awaiting you. There will be plenty of room for networking and socializing as well.

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Competence Requirements in the Digital Age of Technical Communication

Digitalization, Intelligent Information, Artificial Intelligence: Current technologies and methods are much discussed in technical communication; there are new media and many trends – developments are rapid. What do these developments mean for the everyday work of those working in the field of technical communication?

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Initiative Committee Meeting - Time for Discussion and Some Finance Information

During our Initiative Committee meeting in April, we talked about social media platforms used by the country organizations. The new created LinkedIn pages are an effective addition to the LinkedIn groups, as they can be used for a more professional online performance. Another subject on the agenda was the last part of the benefit presentation covering the topic of finances.

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Webinar tekom Magyarország: Let's Treat Docs Like Code

We at tekom Magyarország started our local events for 2022 with a topic that has been in focus more and more in the last couple of years – creating documentation through collaborative writing. Like most group activities, collaborative writing has both benefits and pitfalls. But with the right approach and processes, we can open up a new world and tap into a pool of diverse experience, skills, and knowledge. However, if we want to encourage people to contribute to our docs, we must look at documentation from a different perspective.

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Initiative Committee Meeting - Webinars and Sustainable Development Goals

This month there were some news and updates to discuss in the monthly Initiative Committee meeting. First, the Big Blue Button tool will soon be replaced by Zoom. Another topic on the agenda was the second part of the benefit presentation and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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