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Revision IEC/IEEE 82079-1 Ed. 2

ICE/IEEE 82079-1 Ed.2 'Preparation of information for use (instructions for use) of products - Part 1: Principles and general requirements', the most important standard for technical communication, will be revised. The parent committees of this standard, IEC’s Technical Committee 3 “Documentation, graphical symbols and representations of technical information” and ISO’s Technical Committee 10/Sub Committee 1 “Basic conventions”, have decided that a revision of Part 1 is necessary.

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In-person IUNTC Meeting

The first in-person meeting of the International Network of Universities in Technical Communication – IUNTC - took place in the late afternoon of May 4 at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany, preceding the European Academic Colloquium (EAC) on May 5.

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We moved!

Since April we are working in our new offices in Heilbronner Straße 86, in 70191 Stuttgart. Thus, we will remain at your service in the heart of the city. You can still reach us by phone using the same numbers.

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tekom Ireland has been established as a new tekom Europe country organization

tekom Europe is growing! We are pleased to welcome tekom Ireland to the tekom Europe community. The tekom Europe executive board made the decision to establish the new country organization tekom Ireland – celebrated with a founding event – on March 30 in Cork.

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tekom Ireland Founding Event

tekom Europe is expanding to include a new country organization. We are glad to inform all members and non-members of the founding event of tekom Ireland, which will take place in Cork on March 30 from 4:00 to 7:00 PM (GMT).

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IC Meeting in January: Welcoming new members and planning

The first initiative committee meeting in 2023 started with new and old faces. We were happy to welcome six new members to the initiative committee this year. After the welcome, we discussed the events and dates for this year: the first assembly of delegates will be held online in March. In our next meeting, we will talk in more detail about the plans the different country organizations have for this year.

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Experts wanted! We are looking for you!

Do you feel like advocating for the interests of technical writers and getting involved with European legislation and monitoring relevant technical trends? Your tasks will include, in particular, monitoring standards in the field of technical communication and exchanging ideas and maintaining contacts with many interesting government and public authority representatives at national and international level. As part of a "Call for Experts", this position has now been officially advertised for the next term of office - 2023 to 2025 - of the Standards Advisory Board. The task of the advisory board is to represent the interests of technical editors from different countries and to give technical communication a unified strong voice. Here's more info and background on this enriching volunteer position.

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tekom Europe Elections 2022 Results

In November and December, the European members elected their delegates for the country organizations. Delegates represent the interests of their country organizations in the assembly of delegates, the highest decision-making body of tekom Europe. The next assembly of delegates takes place in March 2023 as an online event.

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The European Green Deal: How Information for Use Can Help Ensure Products Are Used Sustainably

More durable products that can be repaired, recycled and reused - an important point of the Green Deal that the EU has permanently on its agenda in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. However, the corresponding sustainable use of products can only succeed if the necessary information is provided along with the product and the great importance of usage information is recognized. With the Green Deal, new legal projects are being launched that also refer to usage information. Dr. Gabriela Fleischer from tekom Deutschland e.V. outlines the latest developments in her article.

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tcworld conference 2022 in Stuttgart finally back on site:

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