tekom - Europe

Our new service for members and the European tech comm community

Anke Neytchev

tekom Europe is growing and so is the number of activities of the association and its various country organizations. We will soon feed you with the latest news on a monthly basis for you not to miss out on any activities in your region or online.

Our newsletter will include announcements for (international) technical communication events and for our webinar series. Be the first to learn about a call for papers for a conference or publication, never miss any early-bird ticket announcement and be up-to-date when a technical communication expert is speakingat an event somewhere close to your home. Maybe there are meet-ups with technical communicators somewhere near you that you did not even know about?

On the content-side we will feature blog articles from our intelligent information blog and previews on current publications and studies.

We would also like to keep you informed about the progress of projects that we are running, such as the TecCOMFrame project, our new career marketing initiative for technical communicators and any news related to tekom Europe’s standardization workon international level.

Being a member in tekom Europe comes with a number of benefits. In the following months we will be introducing some of the benefits that you might not be aware of yet.

Are you also interested in other topics that tekom is offering? Don’t worry, you don’t have to make-up your mind – all our newsletters are free of charge and available for anyone interested in technical communication. In our newsletter management you can select your preferences. Why wait?