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Shumen In 2018, tekom Bulgaria is on the road again across Bulgaria heading for the town of Shumen!

Desislava Mihaylova

The Roadshow is an initiative for popularizing the professional field of technical communication in the country. In a series of public and free from charge events, a team of tekom Bulgaria members lead presentations, discussions, and workshops. For four hours, students and people interested in technology have the chance to learn about the profession of Technical Writers and to work on practical tasks.

Shumen is the first of the 2018 Roadshow stops. Confirmation of attendance on the FB event at https://www.facebook.com/events/175429990043891/.

Attendance Information

  • Date October 26, 2018
  • Time 11am – 3:30pm


  • Presentations
    • Overview of the Profession
    • Applying Minimalism in Writing
  • Discussion Panel
    • Best Practices
    • A Day in the Life of the Technical Writer
    • Creating Procedures: Preparing Coffee at Home & Washing the Dishes
    • Applying the User Perspective while Documenting
    • Writing in a Topic-Based Manner


  • Kristina Bliznashka
    Technical Writer @ VMware Bulgaria

Less than two years ago, Krisi came into the world of technical documentation. After ten years in the field of sports journalism, she has taken a sudden turn in her career and has never regretted it. She is a tekom Bulgaria and regards the Roadshow initiatives as an opportunity to introduce others to what she has only learned recently. Sports remain her great passion, but now she is only in the role of a spectator.

  • Martina Laleva
    Senior Technical Writer @ VMWare

Marti has been a technical Writer for the last two years. She believes that the existence of the profession rejects the dichotomous separation of people into right-science lovers and humanity lovers. Regardless of education and interests, people can succeed in the field of technical communication if they are ready to get out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in a different professional world in which the understanding of technical matter is as important as the good utterance, precise grammar, and clear formulations. Technical writing requires research consistency, detective attention to detail, exploratory curiosity, much patience and a pinch of courage. 

  • Jordan Georgiev
    Senior Technical Writer @ VMWare Bulgaria

Jordan has nearly seven years of experience as a Technical Writer in various companies and in 2017 successfully passed the tekom Europe international certification program and received a certificate in technical communication. He agrees that curiosity is a basic quality that helps people to master the profession. When he’s not authoring documentation, Jordan loves to read on a variety of topics and attend concerts and festivals.

  • Desislava Mihaylova
    Senior Technical Writer @ Progress
    Member of tekom Bulgaria Initiative Committee

Desi has been practicing the profession for nearly seven years now. She regards herself as an experimenter for whom technical writing is a vocation while building a career in technical communication is a natural process driven by enthusiasm and the mutual development of technical and soft skills. Along with writing, she maintains a blog about her hometown of Rousse and loves to volunteer.

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