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22. October 2018 | tekom Romania

IoT - requirements and consequences for the technical documentation

Workshop in Iasi, Romania on October 22, 2018

On October 22, 2018, the Romania tekom initiative committee was welcoming its members and interested persons to this year’s tekom event in Iasi. We had prepared for you a workshop on IoT (Internet of Things) and its requirements and consequences for the technical documentation as well as a presentation on tekom and the main activities of the association.

The workshop was delivered by Mr. Karsten Schrempp, CEO and exclusive shareholder of PANTOPIX GmbH & Co. KG. Mr. Schrempp has over 15 years of practical experience and expertise regarding the optimization of information processes, the selection and implementation of content management or catalogue systems.

Within the workshop, the following topics were presented and discussed:

  • What does the IoT expect from technical documentation?
  • What does it mean to digitalize technical documentation?
  • What does this mean for authoring?
  • Some words about XML
  • How does Component Content Management Systems help?
  • Topic-oriented authoring
  • Why do need meta data?
  • How to distribute digitalized documentation
  • Standards with focus on iiRDS

Mr. Schrempp first started explaining the overall presence of IoT especially for machine-based industries. Machines need to manage themselves in a network, hence the need of IoT, hence the need of very specific and precise requirements which should trigger efficient processes. The imperative creation of documentation for IoT based on XML and topic-authoring was discussed and proved via demonstration and best practices. A new-born standard for industries in general and documentation, iiRDS was mentioned and explained.

Thanks Mr. Schrempp for such an applied, thorough and interactive workshop! Hope to see you again in Romania!

There was also a presentation of the tekom association, its projects, initiatives and trainings.

Date of the event
22.10.2018 | 15:00
Event location
Mr. Karsten Schrempp