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30. November 2021 | tekom Danmark

Online networking with tekom Danmark - in Danish

First, a huge thank you to everyone who made time to meet with the new board for this online networking event. We were 10 participants throughout the session, and we managed to discuss a lot of different topics. 

tekom Danmark's President Maiken Blok moderated the session and took us safely through the agenda:

  1. Welcome and short presentation of tekom Danmark - we skipped this, as only members participated
  2. Short introduction round - What is your background, how did you enter technical communication?
  3. Open discussion

Introduction round

We had participants from many different areas and experience levels ranging from 8 years in the field to some who had +30 years of experience. That all contributed to some nice and fruitful discussions.

Open discussion

We had several topics throughout the open discussion, which we summarise here:

  1. Ideas for how to make more use of the tekom network: Great workshops, professional discussions/input/nerdiness, compliance Brexit/Ukraine/Serbia, knowledge sharing on tools
  2. Freelance tech writers: One of our members had the courage to go freelance last year during Corona, and we had a nice talk about the challenges and benefits. We'll see, if there's an interest to have events specifically tailored to freelancers next year
  3. Technical writer vs editor: When do you use your writing skills, and when do you hand over to a language person
  4. Plans for the future: 10 years anniversary celebrations, 64 new members, events online and on site, on site conference in September
  5. Who does what?: About the roles in tech writing teams and organisations in general
  6. Industry representation: How the member base is distributed across the different industries we represent as technical communication professionals
  7. Skills and why we're awesome: Self-explanatory, right? 😎

Thank you to everyone for contributing to a lively discussion and great knowledge sharing across industries and areas of interest.

It was a great success, and we look forward to see you at the next meet-up.

Date of the event
30.11.2021 | 16:00
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