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30. June 2020 | tekom Bulgaria

2020 tekom Bulgaria Annual Members' Meeting

The 2020 tekom Bulgaria members’ meeting was held virtually this year and took place on 30 June. It focused on reporting past activities and outlined the initiatives planned for 2020.

The main topics of discussion were:

  • The three webinars that tekom Bulgaria will organize in 2020 are scheduled for 21 July, 6 August, and for October. The latter one is still open for anyone who wants to share their experience and know-how.
  • The Roadshow initiative will shift its focus to high school students and everyone who has contacts with the schools where they have studied can face the challenge and present the profession of the Technical Writer to the youngsters.
  • The BarCamp event is going to be held on 13 August. Further information with the details will be sent at the beginning of August.
Date of the event
30.06.2020 | 12:00
Event location
tekom Bulgaria IC