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06. August 2020 | tekom Bulgaria

2020 Webinar Videos for Writers: How-To

On August 6, 2020 a tekom webinar was presented by Dragomir Anachkov and Iskren Asenov providing valuable tips to authors who create videos. These tips are suitable for beginner and intermediate video creators and are useful for these video types:

  • Vlog/advertisement videos, for example for Facebook and Twitter, often including interviews and testimonials.
  • Tutorial/how-to/walkthrough videos show the steps you have to execute to complete a certain task, really nice when you have a hard time navigating through complex UIs.
  • Highlight videos usually focus on a new feature of your product.
  • Infographic videos help explain complex processesin an engaging way.

Here are some of the key features that Iskren and Dragomir advise you to have in a video:

  • Use icebreakers – in video and with interviewees
  • Have thumbnails to make the video recognizable even before you’ve clicked the Play button; have a QR code available on-screen
  • Add a permanently visible link to get you to the product the video is showing.
  • Don’t neglect your audio – it’s actually more important than the video sometimes.
  • Always use the software settings you’ve identified as optimal. If possible, do the same for the hardware (lightning, microphones, cameras).

There are also tips on how to organize the whole video creation process, how to adjust the audio to achieve optimal results, and how to deal with images and music tracks.

All tekom members can access the recording at https://www.technical-communication.org/tekom/webinars.

For those of you who are not yet tekom members, Dragomir and Iskren have prepared this short and informative video showcasing some of the tips: Videos for Writers: How-To. Enjoy :)

Date of the event
06.08.2020 | 12:00
Event location
Dragomir Anachkov & Iskren Asenov