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tcworld conference 2020 - day 1

The first virtual tcworld conference with digital fair has begun: a very special event, with new possibilities and formats. Instead of at ICS Stuttgart as usual, exhibitors, speakers, students and interested parties from all industries related to technical communication are meeting online this time.

The virtual Monday

Around 2,500 participants, armed with headset, camera and a lot of interesting questions, attended virtual presentations in German and English, meetings, and tutorials, chatted in Café tekom, and engaged in intensive discussions in the presentation chats. They also explored the many functions of our event app, set up their profiles in detail, made exciting contacts, rummaged through the job market, and received detailed advice from exhibitors on their products.

About 4,600 visitors in individual events

The varied conference program on Monday was quite impressive, including trend topics such as iiRDS, intelligent information, visual communication, and many more.

Nearly 500 visitors attended the annual classic "Aktuelle Rechtsentwicklung" by Jens-Uwe Heuer-James who, as always, competently and eloquently addressed the major political topics COVID-19 and Brexit as well as legal practice using very specific examples.

Also well attended was the inspiring keynote by Steffi Burkhardt, Human Capital Evangelist, "Millennials – Drivers for Cultural Change in Organizations". Fresh, positive and clearly a mouthpiece for Generation Y, she provided vivid and exciting insights into the thinking and actions of young people and the change they are bringing about in the world.

Knowledge bites to go

The experts shared valuable knowledge in their webinars: We have compiled some key statements for you as compact appetizers:

Ulrike Parson / Martin Kreutzer: Alles Standard oder was? Welche technischen Standards Sie für intelligente Informationen brauchen

„Sie möchten intelligente Informationen über Chatbots oder Content-Delivery-Plattformen ausgeben? Technische Standards helfen Ihnen bei der Umstellung Ihrer Content-Prozesse, verringern Ihr Risiko und senken die Aufwände.“

Andreas Lanig: Das virtuelle Vermitteln als Spezialaspekt der Technischen Kommunikation

„Die Digitalisierung in Aus- und Weiterbildung ist überall in der Debatte. Meist wird diese Debatte verkürzt auf eine technologische Infrastruktur. Der Fachvortrag „Das virtuelle Vermitteln als Spezialaspekt der Technischen Kommunikation“ leistet zu dieser Debatte einen methodischen und didaktischen Beitrag. Auf der Basis einer empirischen Studie schlägt Andreas Lanig vor, das virtuelle Vermitteln in den drei Dimensionen zu konzipieren: Im taxonomischen Anspruch, in der sozialen Interaktivität und der zeitlichen Dramaturgie. Wie dies für Technische Redakteure anwendbar ist, zeigt der Referent in einigen methodischen Beispielen.“

Bartnicka: Technical Communication and Localization: the next door neighbours

„Good collaboration between Technical Writers and Translators – how to make it easier to localize your content.”

Kirk St. Amant: The Cognition of Interaction: Examining the Psychology of Interaction and Usable Designs

“Interaction is learned behavior that becomes a reflex. This presentation discusses how to apply an understanding of these processes to create interactive designs that are usable for different audiences.”

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