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Judith Hallwachs

The intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard (iiRDS) is listed in this year's publication of the Standardization Roadmap Industrie 4.0. Among other things, the Standardization Roadmap Industrie 4.0 describes the current state of development of Industrie 4.0 as well as requirements for standards.

The Standardization Roadmap Industrie 4.0 is published in regularly updated editions by the Standardization Council Industrie 4.0 together with DIN and VDE|DKE. In Version 4, which will be published in 2020, iiRDS, the standard developed by tekom, will be introduced in the chapter "Maintenance".

The iiRDS standard enables the delivery of intelligent information – independent of different industries and manufacturers. The advantages of the standard are twofold: On the basis of a uniform metadata model, manufacturers can provide different customers with the required information for use in a standardized way. In turn, customers can easily integrate information for use from different manufacturers into their systems. The underlying metadata enable the mapping of the most important use cases for dynamic information delivery. The aim is to bring human-machine communication as close as possible to natural communication.

According to the Standardization Council Industrie 4.0, the Standardization Roadmap Industrie 4.0 provides an overview of current activities in standardization, identifies standardization needs, and makes recommendations to the international standards organizations based on the views of German stakeholders.