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Country Organizations review challenges of 2021

Ina Kukuk

In the monthly Initiative Committee Meeting on December 15, 2021, some of the representatives of the tekom Europe country organizations reflected on and shared their actions and challenges in the time of the Corona pandemic.

It was the first meeting for the new community manager of tekom Europe, Ina Kukuk, who was grateful for the very warm welcome she received. Along with getting to know one another, the agenda provided time for reviewing 2021, budget information and plans for future goals and optimization. Another important question was how the pandemic affected the ability of representatives to serve country organization members. Events have been postponed, rescheduled, and even canceled; everyone agreed that they would be happy to meet in person. "Several live events received brilliant feedback," reported a member of tekom Österreich. tekom Bulgaria organized an on-site event with discussions about a book written by a member.

The importance of networking in times of lockdowns and fewer on-site meetings resulted in some country organizations working more closely together. Sharing best practices, the representatives of tekom Sweden took the opportunity to get in contact with several students, which was one of the ideas to expand their membership. tekom Belgium mentioned good experiences with LinkedIn, and tekom Danmark and tekom Sweden updated their members with recent  news.

The agenda topics for this meeting are usually provided by the participants to ensure that there is time for the main points coming directly from tekom Europe members and representatives. The meeting takes place monthly. To ensure that your interests are represented, please contact your country organization.