tekom - Europe

10 Years of tekom Europe 

As tekom's members became increasingly international, longing for an international association, tekom Europe was founded in 2013.
The two founding members are tekom Deutschland and COM&TEC Italy.
tekom Deutschland and COM&TEC Italy agreed to take the step of creating a European organization in order to have greater representation and develop locally, via national communities, to bring together and represent technical communicators. 
The two founding and corporate members and country organizations set the beginning in motion: Germany, Italy, Austria, Romania, Turkey, and France. 
Soon they were followed by Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Poland. Then tecom Schweiz joined tekom Europe as the third corporate member.
The most recent country organizations are Israel, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Ireland.
Today, tekom Europe has 13 country organizations and three corporate members. 
Together, we are a strong international network with around 9,500 members and numerous cross-association activities. 

The various COs organize events, webinars, and other initiatives to promote the sector of technical communication in Europe and beyond, and to represent all the professionals involved in the technical communication process and in different projects.
The national communities represented by the COs are all different, but what binds them together is their passion for and commitment to the development of the profession of technical communicators. 
The activities with the most impact on the growth of our sector come from two advisory boards of tekom Europe: the standard committee and the education and training committee. 
The tekom Europe education and training committee is an initiative of tekom Europe to make the profession of technical writers and communicators better known and to foster professionalization at the European level in line with the objectives of the association. 
The standard committee monitors new standardization projects of the international standardization organizations and revisions of existing standards. 

tekom Europe is looking forward to further successful years with all the COs involved and to further growth and successful development. 
A big thank you to all the volunteers who make tekom Europe the greatest organization for technical communication and stand behind it.

Special thanks to the members of the executive board and initiative committees who lead tekom Europe and contribute to its success with all the local volunteers.
tekom Europe will celebrate its 10-year anniversary at the tcworld conference from November 14–16 with a series of initiatives including the welcome speech at the opening and small celebrations during the days of the conference. Exact times and places will be communicated soon. We are looking forward to celebrating together with you!