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What is the superpower of Technical Writers?

Ingrid Teutsch

We wanted to know more about technical writers and how they see themselves in their jobs. So we decided to start a raffle where technical writers could share with us their superpower.

We were asking them for a word that describes their everyday life in this field and with which they identify themselves. We asked for creative, innovative and clever submissions and received a total of about 200 individual words in German and English and many phrases about the work technical writers do.
Some of them are extremely creative, others are really funny und some show the challenges that technical writers face in their day-to-day business.

©Roman Hermann

We think something this original needs to be shared, so let’s begin with the creative ones:

Flexicommunipatience, Speed-Scatterbrain-Typer, Manualpulation, Deadlinefighter, TEC-MAN, TeleMpathy, wordmagician, wordsmith, informationmaster, creativoanimatoechnicdeanimationartist, mindreader, Mr. Shortcut, multiknowledgepower, writinator, explainator, communication enabler, just to name a few.

How do Technical Writers define their work?

Simplicity – It’s all about getting complicated matters translated into simple ways of communication.
It’s all about concentration, juggling, multitasking, transforming, being creative, structuring, conceptualizing, persistence, patience, communication, finding, understanding and using information, building a bridge and being awesome.

Do you see yourself in these descriptions? Would you agree with them or do these creative concepts make you smile? 
We thank everyone who participated and are very happy about the ingenious outcome!