tekom - Europe

INitiative Committee Meeting February 16, 2022 – Marketing for tekom Europe 

Ina Kukuk, Katharina Willer 
In February, our meeting focused on marketing. We were happy to greet two visitors in the IC meeting: Claudius Mehne and Kiriaki Kampouridou (tekom Europe e.V.: Contact Persons at the Head Office (technical-communication.org) from the tekom head office joined us. Both presented the main marketing topics for tekom Europe and answered participants’ questions. They showed various promotional materials, such as flyers and catalogs, as well as the different social media platforms used by tekom. New LinkedIn pages were discussed, focusing more on country-specific topics. 
The presentation was embedded in the benefit presentation prepared by the community management in order to give a clear overview of what a tekom membership offers. 

The country organizations' activity plans for 2022 are rolling in and will be discussed in March. The activities planned so far look very interesting. There are a couple of webinars as well as on-site events. The next webinar will take place at the end of March, with tekom Belgium and two exciting speakers. 

A further issue discussed during the meeting was the tekom Europe newsletter: The country organizations are called upon to actively shape the newsletter and to use it as a medium to promote their events or simply share information and news. The first newsletter is planned to be sent out at the end of February: there is still time to hand in your topics. Contact your respective IC member with any concerns.

The agenda topics for this monthly meeting are usually provided by tekom Europe community management and approved and added by the participants to ensure that there is time for the main points coming directly from tekom Europe members and representatives. To make sure that your interests are represented, please contact your country organization.