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21. July 2020 | tekom Bulgaria

2020 Webinar Connected Content: The Object-Oriented Way

On July 21, 2020 in a tekom webinar Ekaterina Mitova and Dimiter Simov – Jimmy presented the topic Connected content: the object-oriented way. The goal was to look at how the object-oriented analysis can help technical writers improve their content. This session was a sequel to the topic they presented at SummerCON 2020, Your content (r)evolves around objects where the same object-oriented idea was delivered in a more theoretical and philosophical manner.

Using exercises, Ekaterina and Jimmy explained the object-oriented approach as a method and illustrated it with the conference domain: organize the information of a conference by defining these four types of building blocks:

  • Objects = the things that constitute the domain; for any conference we have speakers, sessions, venue, and so on.
  • Attributes = the various characteristics of the objects; for example, a speaker has name, job title, profession, LinkedIn profile.
  • Relationships = the connections between the objects; for example, a session has 1 to many speakers, and a speaker has 1 to many sessions
  • Actions = the ways to manipulate the objects; for example, the actions you can apply on a session are attend, subscribe, compare, and so on.

Ekaterina and Jimmy also gave examples and tips how to apply the object-oriented approach in the technical-writer work. Tekom members can access the recording at https://www.technical-communication.org/tekom/webinars. If you are interested to learn more about the object-oriented approach in UX, you can start from https://www.rewiredux.com/. There is also an article that will be published in the tekom Year Book this year.

Date of the event
21.07.2020 | 12:00
Event location
Ekaterin Mitova & Dimiter Simov