tekom - Europe

Strong network for the whole of Europe

A large, well-networked community achieves more. Our country organizations help to see progress in our field – both locally and in Europe.

Country Organizations

The country organizations are the local representatives of tekom Europe in their respective countries. They are led by the initiative committees or the elected executive boards and represented by their delegates in the assembly of delegates at the European level.

The country organizations regularly organize events and webinars for their members. As speakers, they invite experts from their region and from the European network. The aim is to build a community that exchanges information regularly and strengthens and develops technical communication in its region. Apart from professional events with invited speakers, the country organizations have started to organize more social events to meet the demand for informal exchange. The events are usually free of charge and open to all members and interested persons. Particularly in countries where the occupational profile of technical writer is not (yet) well known, the country organizations are important actors in developing and promoting the field.

Members are assigned to a country organization according to their place of residence.
Even though tekom Europe has members in many European countries, not all countries have yet established their own country organizations. Members in countries without their own country organization have one joint delegate who represents their interests in the assembly of delegates.
One goal of tekom Europe is to expand the community of technical writers. A new country organization is founded on the initiative of members from the respective country who, if possible, can already demonstrate initial success in building up a community.