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More influence, more opportunities: tekom is the largest professional association for technical communication. We are here to support your professional and commercial success. Here is why you should become also a tekom member. 

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Thanks for a great conference!

More than 4000 participants - 25% more than in 2022 - made the tcworld conference an unforgettable experience. Report and photo gallery will follow on the conference website.

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Career Paths

In technical communication, many career paths can be encountered. Study or further training are the traditional routes into technical writing. But the profession is also perfect for career changers.

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Easier generation of iiRDS packages with the new plugin for DITA Open Toolkit

On March 22, the tekom iiRDS Consortium published a free plugin for the DITA Open Toolkit. In fall 2023, an important milestone for the international relevance of iiRDS was reached with the publication of "IEC PAS 63485:2023". Now, with the plugin, the Consortium provides an easy-to-use and customizable tool to enable many international DITA users to easily generate iiRDS packages from the DITA environment.

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Update: Position Paper of tekom Europe on the European Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act

On March 13, the 705 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted on the Artificial Intelligence Act at first reading – and they approved it! A reason to celebrate for tekom Europe, which had published its position paper on the European Artificial Intelligence Act just two days earlier and sent it to the MEPs.

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ISO 24183 "Technical communication - Terminology" was published in January 2024.

According to the announcement on the ISO website, ISO 24183 "defines terms for the theory and application of technical communication." When ISO 24183 was drafted, the recommendations of the ISO/IEC Guidelines Part 2 to use existing terminological entries from international standards were not always followed, in order to avoid unnecessary proliferation of terminological variants.

However, for some key technical communication terms, the terms and definitions in ISO 24183 contradict IEC/IEEE 82079-1 "Preparation of instructions for use of products - Part 1: Principles and general requirements", which was jointly developed by ISO, IEC and IEEE. tekom’s standard committee scrutinized both standards.

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