tekom - Europe

Advisory Board for the tekom Europe International TC Award

The advisory board is established to provide specialist supervision and assistance in the design, implementation and further development of the competition. The board is composed of experts in their field who add valuable insight, advise the tekom Europe International TC Award team, and help implement its mission.

Further tasks of the advisory board for the tekom Europe International TC Award and its members are:

  • Revising work aids (e.g. guidelines)
  • Guiding quality improvement, setting the strategic direction for the International TC Award, offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives
  • Sharing information about the International TC Award’s activities and outcomes with their networks or at relevant events, thus multiplying the project’s dissemination efforts
  • Presenting the International TC Award at the award ceremony
  • Selecting submissions to be reviewed under the pre-evaluation scheme
  • Selecting suitable candidates for a pool of reviewers who evaluate submissions and assign tasks to selected reviewers

The advisory board plays an essential role in the award procedure. Become one of our board members! 
We are looking forward to your application, if you are a tekom or tekom Europe member.