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We all use user manuals, but do we really know the unsung heroes behind them?

Technical communication plays a pivotal role in the success of a company today. Technical documentation teams transform data and content into innovative product information. Without their work, companies could not ensure the proper and safe use of their products.

But does your company truly understand and appreciate the work of technical writers?

Representing all technical communication teams, the example of ebm-papst Mulfingen illustrates the value and critical significance of technical communication for businesses. The video's goal is to showcase the competence and expertise of technical communication to colleagues within the company, as well as to management and other departments, and to outline its contribution to corporate success.

Adding Value with Data: Technical Communication as Innovative Specialist in Information Logistics

Experience the technical communication team at ebm-papst Mulfingen, a leading manufacturer of fans and motors, in the video. Witness the transformation of information on its journey into an innovative and digital future and discover why technical communication is the missing piece of the puzzle for innovative technologies to unleash their full potential.