tekom - Europe

All European delegates at one table

The assembly of delegates is tekom Europe’s highest decision-making body. The delegates from 12 countries (and counting) are a strong unit that help the association to progress strategically.

The Assembly of Delegates

The assembly of delegates (AoD) is the highest decision-making body, composed of delegates from the country organizations and corporate members. The assembly meets at least once per year in person in changing locations across Europe, usually in the spring. Additionally, the assembly meets virtually in a web session in summer and once a year in Stuttgart just before the tcworld conference. The purpose of the meetings is to pass resolutions in different areas, but also, even more importantly, to discuss and initiate projects and work supporting the overall aims of the association. To date, tekom Europe counts 18 delegates from 11 country organizations and three corporate members.

The next assembly of delegates (AoD) will take place November 2024 online.