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Logo von iiRDS Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard

Introduction to iiRDS

Ulrike Parson


iiRDS stands for intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard. This standard provides a uniform package format and a metadata vocabulary to deliver technical documentation content to systems like content delivery portals or integration platforms.


starting time
18/04/23 | 15:00 clock
ending time
18/04/23 | 17:00 clock
Time zone
tekom Danmark
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learning objectives

In this webinar, Ulrike Parson will introduce the standard and cover the following topics:
•    What is intelligent information
•    Goals and scope of iiRDS
•    Components of iiRDS: package format and metadata vocabulary
•    The iiRDS metadata
•    Toolchain for iiRDS
•    The iiRDS Open Toolkit
•    Examples of how iiRDS is used in the industry
•    Related standards


Ulrike Parson

Ulrike Parson

Ulrike Parson is the founder and CEO of parson AG. She has been working in technical communication for more than 25 years – as an editor, consultant, trainer and mentor. In 2006, she founded the service company parson AG, headquartered in Hamburg. In addition to her work as a board member, she conducts consulting projects and participates in research projects. Ulrike is an acting member of the iiRDS steering committee.