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Documentation in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Monica Chis


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is an enterprise-scale development framework, developed by methodologist Dean Leffingwell. It uses a combination of existing lean and agile principles which are combined into a template framework for large-scale projects. "The framework is a body of knowledge that includes structured guidance on roles and responsibilities, how to plan and manage the work, and values to uphold." Technical documentation or technical writers are not explicitly mentioned in the Safe agile portfolio.

I will highlight some relevant aspects related to managing documentation in SAFe, how the technical writers are integrated in the Scale Agile Framework: what we have to document, when we have to document, how we have to document.


starting time
08/12/21 | 15:00 clock
ending time
08/12/21 | 16:00 clock
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tekom Romania
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learning objectives

In this presentation, we will discuss the main challenges in the way we create project/product documentation when Scaled Agile Framework is used for software development and the approaches for Integrating Technical Writers into the Scaled Agile Framework.


Monica Chis

Monica Chis

Monica is a freelancer Software IT Consultant and Trainer.  She has been working in various roles in different areas: IT industry, Research, and University for more than 23 years. She has experience with external audits and with software development quality management, with highlighting the important key points for clear processes. 

She was Quality Manager for software projects in Air Traffic Management and telecommunications, Project Manager and Delivery Manager in IT companies.  Her experience involves all aspects of a project, product, and software development life cycles. She is a customer-oriented person and she has worked in multi-cultural competitive environments. She likes working with people from different cultural groups. She is enthusiast and passionate about technology and Software Quality Assurance field and she is promoting agile methodology. She really believes that it is possible to create simple processes for delivery Quality Software Products.

Starting with 2020 she is also a trainer for “SPOR – Şcoala pentru oameni responsabili” offering a training for Quality Assurance in Software Projects.  

You can connect with her on LinkedIn.