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Defining the meaning of quality in documentation – a research recap

Jordan Stanchev


What is actually “high-quality documentation”? Does it mean you have no spelling mistakes? Or that the documentation is correct? Or something else? What do technical writers understand when they speak about “high-quality documentation”?

In this webinar, I am going to share my observation based on practical experience in software documentation development, teaching technical writing to students all around the world and combined them with the results from a mini-research where I aimed to define quality metrics around software documentation.

In the research we’ve asked technical writers one simple question: "In your opinion, what makes software documentation a high-quality documentation deliverable?" Let’s look at the answers together!


starting time
02/08/21 | 17:00 clock
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02/08/21 | 18:00 clock
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tekom Bulgaria
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Jordan Stanchev

Jordan Stanchev

User Assistance Development Architect, SAP. Jordan Stanchev is a practitioner user assistance development architect, project management professional and trainer in technical writing.