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Developing Information for Use in 2020

Ferry Vermeulen


The year 2020 will be the year where two standards on user instructions (the EN ISO 20607 an EN IEC/IEEE 82079-1:2019) became part of the European standardisation network. Besides that, the new Medical Device Regulation will come into force this year, containing may requirements for the instructions for use. This means that the way we write information for use for machinery, medical devices and basically all other products changes.



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19/06/20 | 14:00 clock
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19/06/20 | 15:00 clock
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tekom Europe
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learning objectives

In this presentation, we will discuss the main changes in the way we create our information, based on the new legislation. We will also discuss the most important parts of the ISO 20607, IEC/IEEE 82079 and Medical Device Regulation.


Ferry Vermeulen

Ferry Vermeulen

Ferry Vermeulen is founder of INSTRKTIV.com, a company that specializes in creating compliant and user-friendly information for use. His podcast and blog attract over 20,000 visitors each month. Read one of his latest articles on CE marking: https://instrktiv.com/en/ce-marking/.