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Software Documentation ,Technical Writing

Authoring, Collaboration and CX - Miss One and You Miss the Point

Steve Wiseman

Outline of contents:

  • documentation is more than "here's how the product works" - design thinking/interaction design and UX is now a core part of the development process
  • technical writers need to...

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Technical Writing

Editing for Leaner Modern Content

Leah Guren

All TechComm professionals work with complex content. You may have old legacy content that is overly formal, poorly structured, and contains unnecessary information. You know that you need to improve...

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Software Documentation

Manage Documentation for Software Development in Agile Environment with Remote and Distributed teams

Monica Chis

Agile development was originally imagined for clustered teams, or teams physically located together in the same office. Nowadays, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have realized that we need a lot of...

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