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What matters in the Design of Empirical Research for Translation Studies



With its inductive nature, empirical research is first of all intended to observe and describe one or more aspects of a phenomenon as these occur in “the real world’ (Toury, 2012, p. xi). The ultimate aim of empirical research is however ‘to use observation and description as a means to establish general principles that can explain and predict the phenomenon under investigation’ (Kotze, 2019, p.333). It follows that the design of an empirical study needs to be sound so that the means will serve the ends and the ends are justifiable by the means.


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23/05/24 | 15:00 clock
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learning objectives

In this talk, I will discuss the conceptual contents of empirical research with a focus on the essential procedures involved in empirical research in translation. Drawing upon my own experience as an author, academic reviewer and editor of empirical studies in translation, I will then talk about issues that researchers will need to pay special attention to when they design their empirical research, from identifying a meaningful research question, to selecting research methods and finally to the extrapolation of research findings.



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