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NEW Study, 2nd updated edition

Successful Terminology Management in Companies

Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Daniela Straub

Terminology work is a hot subject in many companies. In fact, as the results of a representative survey show, two-thirds of the respondents, viz. 69%, are dealing with terminology management subject matter. Although currently only 21.2% are using a terminology management system, 20% of the respondents are about to implement one, and another 27% are addressing questions regarding successful terminology management in the company. To support all those interested in terminology work, tekom has compiled a practice-related study.

Successful Terminology Management in Companies 2nd updated edition

In this study, you will learn more about:

  • The fundamentals of terminology
  • Practical terminology work in companies
  • A step-by-step analysis of the costs and benefits
  • An empirical analysis of the problems associated with terminology and current terminology work in companies
  • A description of all the functionalities of terminology tools
  • Use experiences and case studies
  • A comparative overview of more than 16 international terminology Tools


The study includes a comparative overview of the prevalent terminology tools in the international market:

  • acrolinx IQ Terminology Manager from Acrolinx GmbH
  • Across Language Server from Across Systems GmbH
  • CLAT from the Institut der Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Informationsforschung e.V. (IAI)
  • docuterm from technotrans AG/ global document solutions (gds)
  • eTerm from Reinhardt&Partner
  • GFT DataTerm from Gesellschaft für Technische Dienstleistungen mbH (GFT)
  • Lingo 4.0 from Oxyka SARL-lexicool.com
  • Lookup from D.O.G. Dokumentation ohne Grenzen GmbH
  • MultiTrans from MultiCorpora
  • SDL MultiTerm 2009 from SDL TRADOS Technologies
  • SmartBusiness-Term from com-a-tec GmbH
  • termbases.eu Terminology Management Software from Werkdata OÜ
  • TermStar from the STAR Group
  • TippyTerm from Syskon Systemlösungen GmbH
  • UniTerm Enterprise from Acolada GmbH
  • UniTerm Pro from Acolada GmbH
  • termXplorer" from infolox
  • termXact" from TermSolutions

Why is this study important?

Terminology work is a requirement of globalization. Technical progress has always left its mark on language: for every new invention, new words and terms have to be coined and introduced. What is new here is the increasing pace of technological developments, and the need for new terms. This increases the number of challenges for terminology work, because new terms have to be coined at the same pace as the new developments. For instance, the General Motors catalog consists of more than 165,000 service components.

Terminology is an important carrier of knowledge in corporate and product communication. Many corporate divisions or departments are involved in the development, dissemination and use of terminology: Engineering and Construction departments, Marketing, Product Management, Technical Documentation, Training and Translation or Localization. This is confirmed by empirical analysis. Added to this, we have geographical distribution of production locations all over the world.

Successful and efficient communication within the company as well as between companies and customers is supported by a consistent and comprehensible terminology. Globalization of markets also demands that all terms be translated, and that product names be customized to suit the various markets of the world.

Some of the terminology problems encountered in the absence of active terminology work are:

  • Internal misunderstandings
  • Wrong orders from customers
  • Wrong translations
  • Inappropriate product names for markets

The consequences for companies are often very cost intensive and / or are often also associated with loss of image and revenue.

It is no longer possible to manage the sheer number and variety of terms and their translation without systematic terminology work and terminology management. That is why companies must create processes and methods of terminology work and use tools for terminology management.

With the help of numerous practical examples the new tekom study "Successful Terminology Management in Companies" addresses the following subjects:


1. The most important principles of the science of terminology

Learn more about....

  • Classic terminology problems in companies
  • Cost-intensive consequences for companies
  • 33 reasons in favor of terminology work

2. Practical terminology work in companies

Get acquainted with...

  • Important stakeholders in terminology work
  • Core principles of term allocation
  • A practice-oriented procedure model for setting up a terminological database
  • The active maintenance of terminology and quality assurance

3. A step-by-step cost-benefit analysis

Develop your own business model with the help of

  • a model of the cost-benefit analysis for terminology work
  • key figures for costs and benefits

4. An empirical analysis of the problems associated with terminology and current terminology work in companies 

Get facts and figures about the…

  • Complexity of term allocation
  • Potential benefits of terminology work
  • Status quo of terminology work in companies

5. A description of all the functionalities of terminology tools 

Acquire knowledge about....

  • Various terminology tools
  • The definition and significance of important functions of terminology tools and their relevance to actual practice

6. User experiences and best practices

Avoid problems through users' tips on

  • introducing a corporate terminology
  • problems in introducing and using a corporate terminology
  • facts and figures on the benefits of terminology work
  • case studies regarding terminology work

7. A comparative overview of international terminology tools

Use the market overview provided by the study to make a systematic comparison of systems, to realize a successful short-listing and to create a manual of requirements and technical specifications. With the study, you will get....

  • a comparative overview of more than 16 terminology tools that are commonly available in the market
  • descriptions of benefits and use
  • background information about software providers
  • information about 100 important functionalities and interfaces for an intensive comparison
  • a CD-ROM with all the data for a detailed evaluation and manufacturer information


You can browse through the first few pages of the study, the table of contents and the summary here (PDF).

Bibliographic Data

Successful Terminology Management in Companies
DIN 4, 266 pages, 2nd updated ed. 2018 (translated from the German ed. 2016)
ISBN 978-3-944449-91-3 (softcover)
ISBN 978-3-944449-92-0 (ebook PDF)

The Authors

The study was conducted by Prof. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Ph.D., Fachhochschule Köln - Institut für Translation und Mehrsprachige Kommunikation, and Dr. Daniela Straub, tcworld GmbH

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