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    • 23.09.2014

      Kiriaki Kampouridou: Second Conference Week on Technical Communication in Copenhagen and Warsaw

      After a fruitful experience at the conferences in Paris, Ghent and Eindhoven, the second conference week led the tekom Europe Roadshow team to  [...]

    • 16.09.2014

      Kiriaki Kampouridou: New Trends in TC at the conferences in Paris, Ghent and Eindhoven

      After a journey by train, we were happy to arrive in Paris at La Défense district to open our first conference of the tekom Europe Roadshow on  [...]

    • 08.09.2014

      Jörg Michael: Rule-Based Writing – English for Non-Native Writers

      With their new guideline "Rule-Based Writing – English for Non-Native Writers", tekom offers a reliable set of rules especially for all non-native  [...]

    • 05.09.2014

      Kiriaki Kampouridou: Only a Few Days until the tekom Europe Roadshow

      The tekom Europe Roadshow team is excited to hit the road in just a few days for its first week of conferences in Paris, Ghent and Eindhoven and to  [...]

    • 14.08.2014

      tcworld magazine: Six ways to improve your TC career

      It’s easy to become so comfortable in our daily routine that we forget to make active career choices. Familiar tasks can be done quite smoothly. Many  [...]

    • 11.08.2014

      Kiriaki Kampouridou: The Winners of the Lottery Are Drawn

      We are happy to announce that the three winners of our tekom Europe survey lottery have been drawn. Congratulations to them! The lucky participants  [...]

    • 23.07.2014

      Cornelia Ilg: The Program is Online!

      Currently we are in preparation for the tcworld conference 2014 (November 11-13, 2014 at ICS at Messe Stuttgart). Our conference program is online  [...]

    • 14.07.2014

      Jörg Michael: Guide to Mobile Documentation

      tekom is proud to present a new guide: "Mobile Documentation". This guide aims at providing a tool for technical writers, illustrators, software  [...]

    • 13.06.2014

      Anke Mecklenbrauck: tekom Europe Going East: ETC Conference in Sofia

      For the third year in a row, tekom Europe has joined the Evolution of Technical Communication conference (ETC) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference is  [...]

    • 04.06.2014

      Anke Mecklenbrauck: Round Table Meeting with Technical Writing Professionals in Istanbul

      On June 3, tekom Europe organized a round table meeting in Istanbul in cooperation with the AHK (German Foreign Chamber of Commerce). The purpose of  [...]

    • 21.05.2014

      Kiriaki Kampouridou: What Is the Current Situation of Technical Communication in Europe?

      Exploring the situation of technical communication in Europe is an important activity and goal of our work as a European association. As tekom Europe,  [...]

    • May 2014

      Kiriaki Kampouridou: The Mobile One-Day Conference Unites TC Professionals in Eight European Cities - Registration Is Now Open

      Following the success of last year’s roadshow, tekom Europe will hit the road in 2014 to bring together tc professionals from across Europe. The  [...]

    • April 2014

      Dana-Adriana Prodan (published by Kiriaki Kampouridou): Conference on Professional and Academic Writing

      Our first conference for the year of 2014 took place on the 27th of March in the Senate Hall of the Politehnica University of Bucharest and was a  [...]

    • April 10, 2014

      Kiriaki Kampouridou: First Assembly of Delegates

      The first assembly of delegates of tekom Europe took place on April 10, 2014 within the context of the tekom Spring Conference in Augsburg, Germany.  [...]

    • March 28, 2014

      Anke Mecklenbrauck, Kiriaki Kampouridou: tekom Polska Established in Warsaw

      On Friday, March 28, 2014, a new tekom Europe country organization was officially founded at the Translation & Localization Conference in Warsaw. The  [...]

    • May 6, 2014

      tekom Belgium hosts workshop on “Applied terminology work”

      tekom Belgium hosts a one-day workshop on “Applied terminology work” on May 6, 2014. “Terminology work is just an academic exercise for linguists,  [...]

    • March 27, 2014

      tekom Romania holds event on "Professional and Academic Writing"

      Our next event is going to take place on March 27, 2014 at 4pm in the Senate Hall at the Politehnica University in Bucharest and will be on  [...]

    • March 2014

      Country Organization’s Delegates and Executive Board of tekom Österreich elected

      The election of the country organization’s delegates was finalized on February 25. We are pleased to announce the results with the elected delegates  [...]

    • Presentations and Speakers


    • 2014

      tekom DITA Day

      The tekom DITA day on January 27, 2014, in Paris was addressed to all those concerned with creating technical documentation - whether they were  [...]