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tekom Israel is one of the 10 country organizations within tekom Europe, the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide. tekom Israel was founded in July 2017 and is addressed to all those active in the field of technical communication or in other areas of information development and information management in Israel. These include, for instance, technical writers, technical illustrators or technical translators, product or marketing managers.

What do we offer?

We offer a platform for the exchange of information and experience, and promote the training and advanced qualification and further professionalization of our members. We organize several webinars as well as events each year with expert presentations, workshop sessions and discussion rounds about various topics in the broad field of technical communication.

Our goals

  • Organize workshops and roundtable discussions around topics of common interest
  • Share experience and learn from each other
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Build a professional community of technical communicators in Israel
  • Promote tekom Europe
  • Cooperate with universities that offer courses in the field of technical communication and related areas
  • International networking with fellow country organizations

Our Initiative Committee

Paula R. Stern

  • Spokesperson 
  • Founding member of tekom Israel
  • Career in technical writing for 23 years
  • CEO of WritePoint
  • Head Instructor of the WritePoint Technical Writing Course
  • List owner of the Israel technical writer’s list
  • Coordinator of the MEGAComm Conference
  • I look forward to working to build bridges between the Israeli technical writing communities and other tekom communities

Rochelle Fisher

  • Vice Spokesperson 
  • Founding member of tekom Israel
  • Knowledge and Training Manager at SentinelOne, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Academic background:
      - Linguistics
      - Education
      - Programming  

Yoni Palmer

  • Secretary
  • Founding member of tekom Israel
  • CEO of Tech-Tav Documentation
  • Previous experience as a Documentation Manager
  • Academic background:
      - LLB (hons) from Middlesex University, London UK  

Ezriel Yellin

  • Budget Officer
  • Founding member of tekom Israel
  • Over 20 years experience in technical documentation
  • Technical writer at Change Healthcare, Israel
  • Academic background:
      - Urban Planning
      - Management and Accounting
      - Computer Science