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tekom Belgium is one of the country organizations within tekom Europe, the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide. It was founded in April 2013.

Our target group?
tekom Belgium is addressed to all persons active in the field of technical communication or in other areas of information development and information management in Belgium. These include, for instance, technical writers, technical illustrators or technical translators, product or marketing managers.

What do we offer?
We offer a platform for the exchange of information and experience, and promote the training and advanced qualification and further professionalization of our members. We organize several events/conferences each year with expert presentations, workshop sessions and discussion rounds about various topics in the broad field of technical communication.

Initiative Committee:

Prof. Dr. Birgitta Meex

  • Founding member of tekom Belgium and tekom Europe
  • Delegate and Spokesperson of tekom Belgium
  • Assistant Professor of German and Organisational Communication at the Faculty of Arts, Subfaculty of Language and Communication of the University of Leuven, Campus Antwerp
  • Certified trainer in technical communication (tekom)
  • Academic background:
- MA degrees in Translation Studies (1991) and Germanic linguistics and literature (1993)
- Research and teaching assistant at the University of Antwerp           
- PhD from the University of Leuven with a dissertation on spatial semantics in German (2001)

Susanna Akdut

  • Founding member of tekom Belgium  
  • Substitute delegate and member of the tekom Belgium Initiative Committee
  • Member of advisory board Legislation and Standards of tekom Europe
  • Member of working group “Terminology of Technical Communication” AG TTK
  • Technical writer at Roxell bvba, Maldegem, Belgium
  • Academic background:
- Master in Economic Science, FernUniversität Hagen, Germany
- Financial management, Theory of production, Marketing
- CEMS (Certified Expert in Machinery Safety), by Amelior, Kortrijk

Sien Accou

  • Member of the tekom Belgium Initiative Committee
  • Business Development Manager at Yamagata Europe
  • Academic background:
 - Master degree in Translation Studies Dutch – English – German University of Brussels (2009)
smiling man with glasses and white beard

Niels Grundtvig Nielsen

  • Member of the tekom Belgium Initiative Committee
  • Technical author at Worldline, Evere, Belgium
  • Selected work experience: 
Worldline, Euroclear, Massport/Boston Airport, Exquando, The Brussels Airport Company, IBM Belgium, Namahn, IBM France, EEC (DG XIII)
  • Academic background:                                         
- English Language and Middle English Literature
- Theology

Tiene Vertriest

  • Member of the tekom Belgium Initiative Committee
  • Business Development Manager at Yamagata Europe
  • Academic background:
- Master degree in Japanese language and culture