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About tekom Europe

The European Association for Technical Communication – tekom Europe e.V. is the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide.

It was founded in November 2013 in Wiesbaden, Germany by representatives of the Opens internal link in current windowGesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation – tekom Deutschland e.V. and its former country groups as well as from the Italian association Opens external link in new windowCOM&TEC.

tekom Europe connects about 9,000 professionals who are active in technical communication and related fields.

The main task of the association is to represent the interests of creators and users of user information at a European level. tekom Europe supports important EU objectives such as improving the training of young people, the employability and mobility of workers as well as the competitiveness of the European economy in general.

tekom explained in four minutes

The association currently consists of members from ten country organizations, as well as two corporate members. The establishment of further country organizations is in preparation.  

Our current country organizations are:

Which goals does tekom Europe pursue?

tekom Europe’s mission is…
…to promote and further develop technical communication in Europe
… to set European standards for the quality of technical communication
… to increase the importance given to technical communication throughout Europe, both in commerce and among the general public
…to strengthen and harmonize the occupational profile of the technical writer
…promoting cooperation among universities and educational institutions at a European level
…to participate in developing international standards for user manuals and operating instructions

How does tekom Europe achieve these goals?

To achieve its goals on a high level tekom Europe offers to its members a variety of events, publications and trainings:

  • The Opens external link in new windowtcworld conference:  the largest conference on Technical Communication worldwide
  • Online- and Print magazine: the Opens internal link in current windowtcworld magazine with over 13,000 copies distributed annually and at all major industry events