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How to establish a true enterprise terminology management

Klaus Fleischmann


The last few months have shown us how much digital transformation and artificial intelligence have become anchored in everyday life. Often, it became painfully clear to us that terminology is THE prerequisite for communicating in a uniform, consistent, and thus successful manner. Most organizations are aware of this but wonder how to proceed in order to successfully establish, develop, and review terminology.


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29/10/20 | 14:00 clock
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29/10/20 | 15:00 clock
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learning objectives

In our free webinar, you will

  • learn why terminology is important for your company
  • learn how to get buy-in from your bosses and your peers
  • see how to make terminology usable and findable throughout the organization
  • learn how to set up a collaborative process where everyone in your organization can contribute, yet responsibilities, workflows, and tasks are clearly defined
  • learn how to ensure that all content producers are using the correct terminology



Klaus Fleischmann

Klaus Fleischmann

Klaus Fleischmann studied translation and IT in Vienna, holds an MA in Conference Interpreting from Monterey, California, and a MAS in Technical Communication from Krems, Austria. In 1996, he founded Austria-based Kaleidoscope. Its main focus is to develop the leading online collaboration software for enterprise-level terminology workflow, translator query management, in-country review, etc., making the translation quality process comprehensible and strategically manageable. In 2007, he became CEO of Austria´s leading LSP, eurocom Translation Services GmbH. Always active in the industry, Klaus got voted into the Gala Board of Directors in 2015 and 2017. In 2020, he was voted into the Board of Directors of TermNet.